Thanks to the all the ATA Licensees, Instructors, and students who have already contributed to the H.U. Lee Foundation this year.

It’s only through the ongoing support and dedication of schools like these that the Foundation is able to continue awarding college scholarships to deserving ATA students nationwide.

Mr. Steve Allison, ATA Madison West- Region 102A

Mr. Mace Devries, Polaris Martial arts- Region 102A

Master Sean Harrington, Xcelsior Martial Arts- Region 102A

Mrs. Penny Beddow-Wolf, Coventry Taekwondo and Dupont Taekwondo- Region 102B

Master John Faett, Victory Martial Arts- Region 102B

Chief Master William Wacholz, ATA Black Belt Academy- Region 103A

Master Ryan Marx, Carmi Taekwondo Center- Region 106

Ms. Lisa Piper, McDonough ATA Black Belt Academy- Region 108B

Master Darin and Mrs. Gena Prazer, ATA Martial Arts- Region 108B

Master Patty Lorenz, ATA Karate For Kids- Region 109

Master Mark Beddow, Vision Martial arts- Region 111

Master Ryan and Mrs. Elizabeth Cirone, ATA Leadership Martial Arts- Region 111

Master Chuck Sears, West Houston ATA Martial Arts- Region 112

Mr. Jason Jones, ATA Karate Elite Fayette- Region 115

Chief Master Stephen Westbrook, ATA Black Belt Academy- Region 115

Mr. Tony Hubble, Hubble ATA Masters Academy- Region 118

Master Nick and Mrs. Ann Keene, Keene’s ATA Martial Arts- Region 118

Mr. Vincent Papol, Vito’s ATA- Region 119B

Mr. Dennis Stansfield, Salt Lake City ATA Martial Arts- Region 119D

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