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On 12/30, the Schillizzi, Amante and Karpinski Families went through a terrible tragedy when an early morning fire broke out in Babci’s house. 10yr old Matty managed to escape through a 2nd-story window, breaking his arm on a car, and called for help. Firefighters braved massive flames and rushed 4yr old Brookie and her grandmother Babci to the hospital.

Unfortunately, they each succumbed to their extensive injuries several hours later. The family is devastated and in need of our support. We are raising money to help with anticipated medical bills, funeral costs, time off of work, and anything else they may need to navigate this unfathomable ordeal. Please be as generous as you can — either by donating money, or just by sharing this link on your social media to help spread the word. We appreciate your support.


My name is Laura Zaffetti from Long Island; me and my fellow campaign organizers are all nurses (and friends) that work in the PICU with Renee.  We are setting up the fund so Renee can withdraw directly. We anticipate the money will be needed for medical bills relating to all three family members that were treated, including ongoing care for Matty. With luck, we can also alleviate the expenses of the two funerals, and offset the burden of potentially extended time off from work in the aftermath of this catastrophe.