Board Break-a-Thons

Much of the funds raised to support the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation come from events hosted at ATA schools around the country, including Board Break-a-Thon (BBAT) events. BBAT events are conducted in a variety of ways with each school owner customizing the event for their school and students. In general, ATA students and community members are asked to raise or donate money to participate in the event. On the day of the event, participants are challenged to break as many boards as they can. Most BBAT events also include entertainment, food and other activities to create a fun and festive atmosphere for the participants.

Year Round Events

Whereas many licensees often schedule fundraising events during the month of October in celebration of Founder’s Month, there are numerous ways to host an event at your school all year round.  Offer parent’s night out sessions, week long camps during the summer or day camps on Saturday, special weapon seminars, movie night, holiday themed parties, buddy day or pizza parties. Simply build a set donation amount into the event fee and at the conclusion of the event, submit the funds along with a few pictures of the occasion to the Foundation.  Students will have a great time while supporting a great cause!

Founder’s Month

Founder’s Month is recognized in October of each year. After 64 years of humanitarian efforts and achievements and a valiant battle against cancer, Eternal Grand Master Lee passed away on October 5, 2000. Each October, we take the time to honor and remember our founder, Eternal Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee.

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