Celebrate with a Purpose

Eternal Grand Master’s birthday is July 20th. Celebrate with a Purpose is an initiative by the H.U. Lee Foundation to honor and celebrate EGM H.U. Lee’s life by throwing him a birthday party and collecting funds to be donated to worthy causes and organizations.

This year, the H.U. Lee Foundation and ATA Martial Arts have partnered with Foster Love, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America.

The goal is to have US based locations host a Parents’ Night Out in the theme of a birthday party for EGM and use the proceeds from the registration fees to sponsor Sweet Cases (personalized duffle bags) to be donated to a local foster care agency. The Sweet Cases will be assembled and decorated by the students during the Parents’ Night Out event. All funds go directly to Foster Love to sponsor the Sweet Cases – the H.U. Lee Foundation is simply the driving force and does not benefit financially from this partnership.

Because Foster Love does not offer services abroad, we encourage international locations to host the same event, but use the funds to donate it to a local cause or organization they feel strongly about or to the H.U. Lee Foundation.

Licensees, please look out for email announcements about how to participate or email vanessa.lee@ataonline.com for more information. Students, let your instructors know you would like to get your school involved – invite friends, the more, the merrier!

Happy Birthday EGM, we hope to make you proud!