Welcome to the Board Break-A-Thon (BBAT) resource page for the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation! You can find everything you need to conduct a successful BBAT event on this page, including an event manual, samples, and templates. We also have a form for you to order other resources including participant t-shirts and posters. And all BBAT resources and support are absolutely free of charge to ATA school and club owners and instructors who host a BBAT to benefit the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation.

If you have any questions, concerns, and/or need any assistance, please contact the Foundation staff at

Thank you for your support of the Foundation!

Event Manual

Want to know how to host a BBAT or just want to learn more about it? This manual has everything you need to know from when to hold your event, how to raise money, and how to use the event to get 40 new members in your school!

The manual appendix includes samples and templates you can use to plan and promote your event. Additionally, all the items in the appendix have been posted below so you can download them and edit them as needed.

Fundraising Guidelines

Because the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, there are federal, state, and local rules and regulations to which we are obligated to adhere. Please read over these guidelines, complete the last page, and return to the Foundation.

Quick Start Timeline

Not sure where to start? This one-page timeline lists the most important tasks you’ll need to complete to host a successful and fun event. It’s a great tool to help you stay focused and on track.

Donation Form

Give your BBAT participants a copy of this form so they can track their donations. Make sure they sign the waiver on the second page.

Donation Receipt

You can provide this receipt to any donors who would like a receipt. It’s also a good idea to provide it to your participants in case any of their donors request a receipt.

Note: The H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation will mail an official receipt for any donation over $25 when the name and address of the donor is provided, either from a check or on this receipt.

Kicker Cutouts

This is a fun and easy way to raise money for the Foundation in your school. Print out these cutouts (available in color and black and white) and sell them in your school for a donation (we suggest $1). The donor can write his/her name or other message on the cutout and then you display them on a wall or window in your school. It’s just that easy!!

Sample Fundraising Email

Online fundraising is a simple and easy way to raise money for your event. We recommend using the FirstGiving website which allows anyone to create a personalized web page, including pictures, to collect donations. After creating their pages, participants can send out an email to their friends and family with a link to their page. The email recipients click on the link and make a donation with a credit card.

Create a fundraising page for the Foundation. You can see your participant’s fundraising totals on this page, as well.

Sample Sponsorship Letter

Asking local businesses to sponsor your event is a great way to promote your event, increase fundraising and reduce your expenses. You can customize this letter and send it to businesses in your area.

Event Day Supply Checklist

This checklist will help you plan your event day and stay organized.

Sample Committee Meeting Agenda

Getting other people – an event committee – to help is a great way to plan a fun and successful event without having to do everything alone. This sample meeting agenda will help you and your committee stay focused and effective.

Sample Press Release & Radio PSA’s

Many local newspapers and radio stations are more than willing to help promote your event for free since it is a fundraiser. Customize this sample press release and the PSA’s and send it to your local papers and radios stations. It’s even better to deliver it in person!

Sample VIP Card

Having your students and BBAT participants present a VIP Card to anyone they ask for a donation is a great way to promote your school. Attached below is a sample VIP Card (front and back) that you can customize to your school and print for distribution. Also, be sure to visit for newly-designed, customizable VIP cards!

Fundraising Prizes

Your BBAT participants can earn great – and exclusive – prizes by raising money for the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation. You can order these prizes with the materials order form below. There’s absolutely no charge to you for any of these items. Please make sure your participants know about these great prizes!

  • Raise $25 and earn a H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation t-shirt featuring Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, a H.U. Lee Memorial Gate and Garden Bookmark, or a H.U. Lee Memorial Gate and Garden Keychain!
  • Raise $50 and earn a H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation tumbler with straw or H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation stadium seat!
  • Raise $75 and earn “He Touched Our Lives Volume 1”, “He Touched Our Lives Volume 2”, or an H.U. Lee Memorial Gate and Garden pin!
  • Raise $100 and earn a H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation bluetooth speaker!

Materials Order Form

In addition to the resources provided here, we also have event and sign up posters to display in your school(s). To order any of these free materials for your event, including the t-shirts, prizes and posters, complete and return this order form. To view the poster designs, download the attached files. Also, be sure to visit for newly-designed, customizable promotional posters and sign-up posters!

Good luck with your Board Break-a-thon event. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation staff at 501.568.2821, ext 2263 or by email at Our goal is to help you be successful with new members and greater exposure in your community. Thank you again for your support.

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