2014 National Scholarship Winners

The H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation is proud to introduce our 2014 National winners who will join the list of past successful recipients.  Join us, as we celebrate this special year, and donate to the Foundation.  You will be helping amazing students continue their education and be ATA STRONG.

Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee Scholarship

Neeraj Shekhar
Westfield, NJ
Pamela Gedman





Grand Master Emeritus Soon Ho Lee Scholarship

Anya Singh-Varma
Monmouth Junction, NJ
Karla Capobianco




Grand Master in Ho Lee Scholarship

Gabriel Shuffield
Kemah, TX
Cesar Ravedutti





Chief Master Robert Allemier Scholarship

Connor Chapman
Irvine, CA
Jean-Phillipe Do





Chief Master William Clark Scholarship

William Burke
Bear, DE
Autumn Peterson




Chief Master G.K. Lee Scholarship

Brett Flesher
Chardon, OH
Scott DeShelter





Chief Master M.K. Lee Scholarship

Elizabeth Zudock
Katy, TX
Master Gerald Frentz





Chief Master Cesar Ozuna Scholarship

Vincent Gray
Sarver, PA
Robert Makowski





Chief Master Robert Jager Scholarship

Megan Breiter
Salt Lake City, UT
Dennis Stansfield




Chief Master Michael Caruso Scholarship

John Gabriel McDonald
League City, TX
Master Bethany McDonald




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